4 important lessons from ‘The Biggest Loser’ for 2022

4 important lessons from ‘The Biggest Loser’ for 2022

- Extreme low-calorie diets don’t work in the long term.

- Exercising vigorously for 4-6 hours per day isn’t sustainable for normal people.

- Extreme low-calorie diets are difficult in the short term.

- Focus on getting your nutrition in order with good quality foods and sustainable meal planning.

Sugar Cravings?

Did you know the World Health Organisation (WHO) has set recommendations for the sugar intake of adults?  Read 3 hints to reduce your sugars.

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Formulas for weight loss

The Aussielent meal plan calculator uses a practical and effective approach to weight change.

We use your personal data and weight goals to estimate your body’s basal metabolic calories.  Then we apply an activity factor and subtract 500 calories to present your recommended weight loss meal plan.

We find 500 calories is a practical approach that balances diet results with diet sustainability.

Good snacking

Aussielent meal plans incorporate snacks during the day to supplement the main meals of the day.  We need to make smart choices for our snacks and this article provides some strategies you can employ.

Eating out at restaurants and cafes

While you're on a diet, here are some strategies you can employ to keep your overall weight loss on track when you go to a restaurant.

Getting started with meal planning

Why you need a meal plan for weight loss and how to approach planning.