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Aussielent is nutritionally complete powdered food and shakes delivered straight to your door. Our thoughtful meals help you lose weight while delivering the goodness your body needs to run at its very best.


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Kick start your weight loss here with our 3 week program! Our low-carb shakes help you lose weight while keeping you satiated and nourished.

What's Included:

36 Low carb meals (enough for 3 weeks)

Downloadable meal plan with 1500 and 1750 cal options

A free PDF with tips and tricks for losing weight

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"6 weeks in, 12 kgs down! It has been the easiest change to my eating I have ever made."


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If you have specific weight goals but aren't sure where to start, our meal planning calculator is for you. Our calculator works out your optimal calorific intake and generates a simple-to-follow daily meal plan along with a matching bundle of Aussielent products. It will also calculate how long it will take to reach your goal.

Our meal plans have been reviewed and endorsed by an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. No sign up required and it's totally free to try! All bundles include:

Free customised meal plan

Free PDF containing weight loss tips and tricks

Matching bundle of Aussielent products (enough for 3 weeks)

An estimation of how long it might take you to reach your goal

Create your custom program here - it’s totally free to try!

Light means the daily routine includes some walking, or intense exercise once or twice per week.

Medium means intense exercise lasting 20-45 minutes at least three times per week, or a job with a lot of walking.

High means intense exercise lasting at least an hour per day, or a heavy physical job.

Current Weight (kg:) 86 Target Weight (kg): 75 Height (cm): 176 Age (years): 30


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Try a sampler before committing to a bigger order. We have a range of samplers available - powder samplers have 4 meals per pouch, and you can also purchase a single ready to drink bottle.

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"If you’re looking for a quality meal replacement, Aussielent’s all-in-one supermeal is the product
I would recommend."

Ashley Feltham

Nutritionist and Elite Australian Rock Climber

Luke's Story

6 weeks in, 12.7kg down!

“It has been the easiest change to my eating I have ever made.The RTD variety you can slip into your bag for lunch at work, the low-carb varieties are delicious and ridiculously filling and more tan enough to remain sated all day.

Adding a teaspoon of instant coffee to the chocolate lo-carb has been a really nice way to start the day and overall my food budget has never been lower week to week.”

Hungry for More?

Getting started with meal planning

Why you need a meal plan for weight loss and how to approach planning.

Eating out at restaurants and cafes

While you're on a diet, here are some strategies you can employ to keep your overall weight loss on track when you go to a restaurant.

Good snacking

Aussielent meal plans incorporate snacks during the day to supplement the main meals of the day.  We need to make smart choices for our snacks and this article provides some strategies you can employ.

What Customers are Saying

What Customers are Saying

Simply the best in the business
Jackson on Jun 18, 2021
Low-carb vanilla powder

Long term customer since 2015.

Now in France and absolutely desperate to get some Aussielent low-carb vanilla powder delivered.

Simply the best in the business.

Superb - redefines the --lent meal
Jack on Dec 18, 2019
Low-carb vanilla powder

I've been using --lents on a sustained basis for about 3 years now, I love the concept and the ease of it.

Love the low-carb formulation and it mixes up wonderfully consistently because of the addition of the oils. I find I like the olive oil addition, it adds a slight touch of banana.

Anyone wanting to try giving --lents a go, this is a fantastic place to start, and for mine, to finish!

The Best Yet
John on Sep 17, 2019
Low-carb vanilla powder

The vanilla low carb is by far the best tasting I have had so far, both in terms of flavour and texture.

It is so easy to mix, and my preference is to use much less water than 750ml. Will be ordering again and again and will experiment with MCT and other oils too.

Also appreciate this is much more sustainable as a powder than a bunch of ready to drink, and far cheaper too!