The balanced meal to balance you.

An all-in-one supermeal containing the perfect balance of everything your body needs.

Complete Nutrition: we pack more in, so you can too.

If you’ve ever thought ‘there must be an easier way to give my body what it needs without hours of shopping, prepping and cooking’ – well, you were right. aussielent is the product of our mission to bring a nutrient rich, hassle free food to the time-poor. With a whole lot of science and a little magic, we’ve packed the nutrition of a supermeal into one easy-prep drink.

• One meal, 26 vitamins and minerals.

aussielent is the supermeal that keeps on giving – with the recommended daily intakes of 26 essential vitamins & minerals, as set out by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Protein rich, for the time-poor.

Depending on the blend you choose, you’ll get the added goodness of up to 30g of either whey or vegan protein. Now you can make your body a priority, no matter how busy you are.

Vegetarian and vegan. Tick.

aussielent is earth and animal positive. All our meals are vegetarian, with two products vegan and lactose free. Plus our ready-to-drink range is entirely gluten free. So you can take comfort in knowing aussielent is worry free, too.

Mindfully made.

The way we eat today can help create a greener tomorrow. That’s why our production, transport and storage processes are streamlined to save time and energy. With a 12-month shelf life, no aussielent meal goes to waste.

What makes an aussielent super meal so super?


aussielent is the all-in-one supermeal with ALL the nutrients you need.


With 25g of protein and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, every serve of aussielent is nutritionally complete. Replace one meal, or many – whatever suits your lifestyle.


When was the last time you had a decent meal for just $2.95? Never? aussielent is the healthy choice that pays dividends for your body and your wallet.


20% of all food bought in Australia is thrown out. aussielent is long-life and made to measure so you only use what you need.


We pack more into aussielent so you can pack more into your day. How does no shopping, next-to-no prep and zero washing up sound?


With ready-to-drink bottles or easy-mix pouches, you can get a square meal wherever, whenever.

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