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When its time to ditch the carbs, Aussielent low-carb powder has got you sorted.

Our delicious low-carb powder has been in development for over 16 months to ensure a tummy-friendly, convenient and easy-to-consume product that you will savour to the last drop.

With only 7.1 grams of carbs per serve you will find a low-carb diet easy to maintain.  Have one for breakfast and you will be feeling full right up to and beyond lunch-time.

Protein has been the goto macronutrient for controlling and reducing body fat and with Aussielent low-carb powder you are getting 30gram of high quality whey protein per serve.  Our Whey Protein is manufactured in Australia, so you know your getting the best quality in the world.

With 26 vitamins and minerals, Aussielent Low-Carb powder is the all-in-one supermeal.