We have received our new chocolate mountain(s) and our happy elves are despatching tasty chocolate aussielent as fast as their little feet will carry them.  Pre-orders are caught up and new orders are shipping immediately.

We have been receiving some great feedback on our chocolate.  You can see some of the reviews in the reviews section of the chocolate product – add your own if you feel like sharing.

We’ve had a lot of emails this week about the premium which is sadly, temporarily out of stock. The good news is we’re about to go into full production for this flavour, and we’re in the final stages of briefing our blender on the specs.  We’ve made some really exciting improvements to this mix, which should mean a much smoother texture.  Very soon it will be full steam ahead with the first of many huge production runs for this mix.  We don’t have an exact date just yet but we are targeting mid-April.

We are also working hard on a new vanilla flavour – plenty more information in the coming weeks.

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