By popular demand free shipping is now extended to include the ready-to-drink. 

Just order 4 or more boxes (7-day powder or 12-pack RTD) and qualify for Aus-wide free shipping  • You can mix and match powder and drinks as you like to make up the 4 boxes • You can now order up to 6 boxes per order • bulk powder orders also attract an additional discount • automated tracking for all Aus orders



In other RTD news, a 100% vegan update of the ready-to-drink is on the way.

We have now sourced a vegan vitamin D3 for the ready-to-drink products, so the next RTD batch will be 100% vegan.  • Keep an eye on the product page thoughout December and as soon as the new vegan batch is in stock we will let you know. • We are expecting delivery of the new batch before Christmas.



Thank you so much to everybody who completed our keto survey.  Some of the top comments:

Fantastic idea especially for hikers or time/space travellers
• Please be mindful of the taste. I like the vanilla and chocolate aussielent but Body tastes like Satan’s armpit.
• Please make it cheap for Canadians

On the basis of this feedback we have developed two new low-carb products suitable for a keto diet – a powder and a ready-to-drink.  You can see some sneak peeks of the betas of these products over on our instagram.

We will be providing two complementary products with differing carbohydrate levels – so they can be mixed and matched according to each user’s requirements.  At least one of the products will be vegan and gluten free. Coming very soon! If the stars align, we may even have something for you before Xmas :). PS Flavouring is chocolate (we decided not to go with Satan’s armpit). 



Human: Hey boy, wanna go for a walk?


Human: Oh, just from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of Queensland. We will live out of my backpack and sleep in a tent. Should be home in about 6 months.

Yes, intrepid aussielent customer Patrick and his canine companion Bear (above) are about to set off to walk the length of Australia. Powered partially by aussielent, their journey is expected to take 6 months and cover around 4500km. We are looking forward to following Patrick and Bear’s journey and hope to bring you updates on the way.  Good luck Patrick and Bear!


aussielent was recently featured on The Urban List, where editor Clare Acheson gave our products a spin. 

And in case you missed it, Lifehacker Australia, recently did a blog series reporting on their experience of an all-aussielent diet.  Two brave souls ate nothing but aussielent’s RTD for a week and  live- blogged the results. You can read about their experiences here.

Photo credit: The Urban List


  1. Michael

    I got a sample pack of everything. The chocolate is nice but is very gritty. The vanilla is a fine powder so better than the chocolate in that respect. The “body” flavorer is the smell of a hippie commune sweat lodge converted into powder. Out of the 15 people in my class that tasted it there responses where : “holy shit”, “You drink that?”, dear god, what is wrong with you?, Yep, smells as bad as it tastes, mungbean hippie drink. That’s discussing, and your discussing for making me drink that!. I still have 3/4 of a bag left. A one year shelf life is too short for the “Body” Flavorer.
    Now the Ready to drink is incredible. Smooth thick and tasty, I have reordered 4 boxes twice. Ordering another 6 boxes right now.
    Things I have noticed : When I eat normal food I am still hungry now even with a full stomach. Best hangover cure (drink before you go to bed). I’m a diabetic and finding good food in the city is hard, it either has too much sugar or fat or salt. Anything that is suitable to eat costs 2 to 3 times as much, and is never completely satisfying. I have a RTD and a Apple and I’m good all afternoon.

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