ARTBAR ‘Futures’ at Sydney’s MCA

We were so excited to be part of a recent evening, Futures, curated by artist Dara Gill at ARTBAR at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. aussielent was served as the evening’s refreshment at an event that asked questions like:  Do we even exist if we’re not online? What does the food of the future taste like? And did the sci-fi films of the 80s get it right?


THE AGE GOOD FOOD ‘The Future of Food’

Aussielent was recently featured in The Age Good Food magazine in an article The Future of Food. Journalist Callan Boys reviewed aussielent, alongside a range of future foods including 3-D printed food, seaweed, and lab grown meat. Read the full piece here.

SEVEN SUNRISE tries aussielent live on air

Seven Sunrise science journalist Wendy Zukerman and the Sunrise team gave aussielent a taste test on air.  They had some fun trying out some foods of the future and highlighted some of the environmental benefits of powdered food.

Wendy Zukerman highlighted the environmental benefits of aussielent, saying, “one benefit of (aussielent) is that because it’s in a powdered form…you won’t waste any. ….This is a real benefit because we find that 30% of the food we are producing gets wasted”.

Andrew O’Keefe says, “its tastes alright….a bit chocolatey…it might go down well with (some) cricket (flour)!


Finally!!!!! The wait is over. We’re so excited to let you know we’re now shipping to New Zealand.  Happily the slightly higher international shipping charges is offset by GST savings (10%) for NZ customers. For NZ customers, simply select the NZ shipping option when ordering.


Last week, we moved to a new, larger warehouse, with lots of space for our aussielent mountain.  We are now shipping your orders through a streamlined logistics service, resulting in faster, more efficient shipping.  Orders received before 11am will ship out that same day. In this transition period, please do contact us with any feedback.


Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to fill in our survey. We received lots of great feedback that we are using to improve our products and your experience when using them. There were a number of strong feedback items and we have a range of announcements and new products launching over the next 8-10 weeks. Coming very soon we are introducing:

– a smoother blend (this is a big one…let’s just say that its “same same…but much better”…)
– an option for single serve sachets (makes lunchtime even easier)
– and a bulk-buy service (thankyou to our new bigger warehouse!)

We’ll be sending out lots of info on these, and more, in the coming weeks.


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